Storage space with abundant security and at affordable rental

 The boom in the capital market in Australia is not limited to real estate and construction industry. There is also a considerable boom in the niche assets and sub-sector markets. Recently, one of the popular self storage operators in Australia has agreed to acquire 30 storage units having combined valuation of about AUD 301 million. The total area of the storage units proposed to be acquired is valued at 138,400 net rentable square meters having a total of 14,240 units.

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The growth of storage business:

In Australia, one of the institutional investors has recently acquired 550 storage units of 6000 sq mts of rentable area. As a matter of fact, in Australia as well as in many European countries, self storage is one of the sub-sector markets that have gained the attention of the prospective investors. Apart from big players, there are also several small investors who also play a vital role in this storage market.

Help to the commercial establishment:

The popularity of the self storage market can be further highlighted by the fact that one of the storage units in Australia is providing storage facilities to more than 35000 commercial and residential customers. Among the various categories of customers, storage units have been of great utility to commercial establishments. In Australia, there are about 1100 storage facilities covering an area of about 39 million square feet.


The activities of self storage facilities Perth market has today is being guided by the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) which was formed in 1990. This is an advisory body to the Government of Australia in matters relating to storage facilities. The SSAA has membership from more than 1400 centers across Australia, New Zealand and from Asian countries. The Association has standardized the agreements and various other procedures to be followed by the member units. Further, the Association requires every member unit to strictly follow the business ethics so as to provide effective service to the users of the storage facility.

Secured and cost effective solution:

There has been a growing demand for storage units in Australia and also in some of the European countries. It is expected that in Australia the demand for storage units is expected to grow by about 3.3% during 2017. The increasing demand for storage units is attributed to the wonderful storage solution to both commercial establishments and individuals. In short, the storage units provide secured and cost effective storage solutions to every user of the storage facility.

Functioning of storage units:

 For example, the facilities for self storage in Perth can be used for keeping all the merchandize and also personal or domestic belongings like the books, furniture, artifacts, invaluable records and so on. In short, except inflammable and explosive articles and other materials prohibited by law, you can keep anything in these storage units. Further, you can access the storage facilities all through the year. In fact, there are air-conditioned storage facilities where you can keep even medicines and food products. Every storage unit is provided with abundant security so as to ensure the safety of the materials stored.


Storage space was one of the serious problems faced by many commercial establishments as well as individuals. But, this problem has been effectively resolved with the advent of self storage facilities in Perth such as the These storage units provide safety to your materials and they are cost effective too.

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