Important Parameters to Watch Out For in Self Storage Facilities

A market research report on self-storage services recently reported that the demand for self-storage services over the last five years has significantly grown and the industry revenue is projected to be at  2.3% growth by the end of 2016. Just as the report indicates, people seek the services of a self-storage facility for a variety of reasons.  For some these create more space in their house to utilize for other purposes, for others they are just looking out for safe storage as they are between moves and for others they just need to clear their garage for using it to park their cars than the excess stuff they have. Whichever the reason, there are several parameters that ought to be put into consideration when choosing a Maribyrnong self storage facility.


You need to take stock of the things that you have. While doing so you will find stuff that you don’t need anymore and are just consuming space, stuff that could be stored easily like documents that can be stored electronically instead of space consuming papers. You will also be able to decide the items you can donate and those to throw away. After this exercise, you will only be left with the essential stuff that is better off at a Maribyrnong self storage facility.


Space you will need for your storage is normally dependent on the amount of stuff that you have and need to store. Also, the nature of the items is a determiner as if the items can be stacked, then you don’t need so much space. If they are items that can be stored with nothing on top of them, then you will need a larger space.

Time factor

The amount of time you will need the storage space for will determine the kind of Maribyrnong self storage space to get. If you need the space for temporary purposes, like, for example, you are leaving for a vacation then you can check out facilities that offer these services. There are those that have monthly rates while other yearly; therefore, you must do your research.


The location of your storage facility is very crucial. This is important so that you can easily access the items when in need of them. A location that’s close to where you stay or work would be ideal for you.  Additionally, a service provider that can provide access to packing materials Melbourne wide will be a much convenient choice. See more at Public Self Storage


Last but definitely not the least is the safety of the storage facility. Secure storage facilities are worth investing in. While locking a storage facility is the first step to ensuring that it’s safe, it’s important to note that recent reports indicate that theft sometimes is an inside job. Therefore, they ought to have extra safety precautions like cameras and alarms.

If you are looking for a storage facility, it’s important to put the discussed factors into consideration. You can visit websites such as  for some of the best services including help with packing boxes Melbourne firms provide. For more details, just visit

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