How Little River Cruise Ships Offer Bigger Fun: The Perks of Going on a River Cruise for the Holidays

Did you know that the longest river in Australia is the Murray River? It runs a whopping 2,508 kilometers or 1,558 miles from the Australian Alps. It seems to form a border between the Australian states of New South Wales and Victoria. The Murray river is just one of the many rivers all around the world that offer leisure activities for tourists. Houseboating or river cruising has been one of the most popular leisure activities in the numerous cities of Europe, Thailand, and Australia. Most travelers easily get put off with the mere mention of a cruise. Usually, boat cruises are associated with schlepping aboard a massive ship that carries thousands of people, failing to gaze at sights of nature, or even chipping off too much money than what’s right. But this is not always the case. Perhaps you’re getting your Australian itinerary ready for your trip, listing down and including a Murray river holidays cruise will be well worth your while.

Murray river Holidays

Going on a river cruise – or houseboating, as Australians like to put it – provides a much more relaxing and culturally richer version of an ocean cruise. The most famous Murray river holidays cruise ships make the many natural adventures the river has to offer available and easy to access.

What’s in store for me?

Learning to water ski, bird-watching in the wetlands, canoe riding the lagoons, bushwalking through the many famed red gum forests are just some of these intimate adventures that are only available thru river boat cruising. Going on a Murray river holidays cruise is very ideal for families and groups of friends who want to celebrate and strengthen their bond.

How is it different from normal cruises?

1. The money you pay is all-inclusive – There is no instance of nickel-and-diming on a river cruise trip. The overall price is already complete of the food, beverages, and little side tours to let you sit back and not worry too much about the financial aspect of your vacation. Click here for Luxury on the Murray

2. There are fewer people on board than on ocean cruise ships – Say goodbye to long lines, noise, and other distractions caused by large groups of people. The boats used for river cruises are much smaller in size as compared with those involved in oceans cruises, therefore providing a much more intimate getaway for your close knit group of family or friends.

3. You can develop close relationships with the staff and other passengers – As mentioned above, because there are only a few people taken in as guests on a river cruise, the staff will get to treat you better and give better service than if there were many other customers clamoring for their attention. This also is good the other way around; you can get to know the staff and establish a trustful relationship with them. This doesn’t go for just the staff, but also your fellow passengers, too.

4. You can reach and explore hidden treasures unlike big boats – Navigation is easier when you’re on a smaller boat. You can reach unexplored trails and see sights of nature that only a few people are able to. For more details just visit

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