Five Possible Causes of Premature Menopause

Premature menopause is possible in many women across the globe. This type of menopause happens before a woman reaches the age of forty. It could happen naturally or induced. If you suspect you have the condition, you should consult family doctors Townsville has to offer for appropriate advice. The symptoms of early menopause are similar to those of natural menopause such as low sex drive and emotional problems among others. More information williamstown

The degree of symptoms varies from one woman to another and women that experience early menopause have higher chances of developing weaker bones. From the advice of reliable family doctors Townsville has to offer, you can learn how to stay safely with early menopause condition. The following are possible causes of the condition.

Defects in Chromosomes

When you have a fault in your chromosomes, this could lead to early menopause. For instance, if you have a Turner’s syndrome, you are likely to have only one X chromosome. Sometimes, you may have an incomplete chromosome. Such circumstances lead to a poor formation of ovaries, which eventually offsets premature menopause. However, if you consult reliable gynecological doctors Townsville or Braybrook have to offer, you can learn various ways of staying safe with the condition.

Genetics-Related Problems

This cause has to do with your family history. If you hail from a family with a history of early menopause, you are likely to experience the condition as well. Similarly, if the immune system of your body automatically attacks your reproductive health system, this could hurt your ovaries and stop them from making the female hormones. Other conditions such as thyroid disease or arthritis may also cause premature menopause.

Ovarian Surgery

Surgical operations in the ovaries can lead to early menopause. It usually means that you will no longer have periods and your hormones will decline drastically. In Australia, you can rely on the advice of qualified family doctors. SmartClinics is one avenue that you can visit when you experience personal or family health problems.

With qualified doctors with vast experience in healthcare, they offer various services including women health, men health, child health, and more. Like the facilities for self storage Melbourne has today, you have a personal doctor to attend to your condition.

Cancer Treatments

Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy could lead to premature menopause. Especially when performed around the pelvic area, the therapy could damage the ovaries and lead to loss of fertility. With chemotherapy treatments, age is also a factor to consider. When you are younger, you are less likely to have premature menopause even if you go for a pelvic radiation therapy. Check out Public Self Storage

How Would You Find out the Condition?

In addition to the advice of a health care expert, there are signs that you can check to detect whether you have early menopause. Common conditions include irregular monthly periods, emotional problems, sleep issues, and more. If you miss your periods for twelve months in a row, your doctor can confirm menopause.

In some circumstances, however, the symptoms may not account for early menopause. That is why you should consult a doctor for the appropriate diagnosis. For more information about family doctors Townsville has to offer, visit

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