Living in One of Mother Nature’s Captivating Kingdoms

Cambodia: Kingdom of Wonder

The Land of Khmer Empire has been influenced by Theravada Buddhism culture, earning its name as the Kingdom of Wonder. This exciting travel destination gives you an opportunity to visit its ancient history and engage its inviting culture. Cambodia is known to be the temple hub in Asia and has over 4,000 ancient temples but only 2,000 have been found. Who knows, when you get there you might get a chance to discover the ones that have remained unfound. Aside from seeing majestic temples, there are ruins, museums, floating jungles, and historical places that you have yet to visit!

Floating jungle

A Plethora of Wonders Awaits You!

Traveling to Cambodia is no problem as everything that you can find there is considerably affordable unless you want to sleep and dine at luxurious restaurants and floating jungles. There are many reasons to travel in one place, but here’s 6 out of thousands why you need to experience traveling in Cambodia:

1.         Meet compassionate people.

Learning about the harsh history of Cambodia could make you doubt about the Theravada Buddhist culture and its people. But despite the large number of deaths during the Khmer Rouge period, the locals of Cambodia are as sweet as ever. Even if the elderly locals cannot erase the catastrophe in their mind, they still remained kind and open to everyone especially the tourists.

2.         Distinctive Cuisine

Cambodia was colonized by a French colony back in the century and Chinese immigrants were always fond of visiting the place, which is why their cuisine was mostly influenced from both countries. A typical meal would consist of salad, fish, rice, and soup and complements it with a dessert of sticky rice. The floating jungle Cambodia has to offer today has plenty of dishes to taste!

3.         Affordability

Before you think about visiting Cambodia, you think about the budget that you need to have to enjoy. Well, you can afford to buy a $1 meal at local restaurants and sleep in hotels that usually costs around $3 per night. But if you want to live it up a bit, you can enjoy a fancy meal at a restaurant that costs around $3-$7 per meal and sleep in a beautiful floating jungle at a price of $100-$200 a night. More information brand name: Floating jungle

4.         Pristine Beaches

Cambodia is also known for having beautiful turquoise beaches. After having a trip, you can relax and call it a day in one of its fine beaches. Remember to bring your sunblock with you to avoid stings!

5.         Rich culture and history

The Angkor Wat is the place where tourists always come to visit and explore. It is the largest monument in the world and got its structure from Khmer Architecture. Going inside can be an exciting trip as you get to pass by ruins, beguiling apsaras, reflecting pools, buddhas, and more!

6.         Floating Resorts

Become one with nature as you stay in one of its relaxing floating jungle resorts. In a magical kingdom like Cambodia, you definitely want to spend most of your time enjoying its relaxing nature and scenic views. If you want to know where to stay during your visit and about floating jungle Cambodia has now, check out for your desired stay. Visit website

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